Indian Dollar Casinos offer it all

In my opinion there are 3 reasons Online Casino’s and slots have flourished in the past decade. The safety and security of gambling your money with a reputable house, the chances of winning huge jackpots that often exceed that of land based casino’s, and finally, the convenience of playing online, from wherever you are, without having to worry about getting all dressed up, getting parking, finding the right game for you and a host of other niggly concerns that detract from what your actually there for, to play and win a ton of money!

Feel welcome and play at a Casino that actually accepts your currency!

In saying that, doesn’t it make sense for Indians to play at an Indian Casino, one that actually accepts, and prefers, the Indian Dollar? Straight up. No more hassle of having to convert your currency, often incurring increased charges and long, drawn out waiting times for deposits or withdrawals.

Simple and convenient gambling

Playing using the Indian Dollar for Indians just simplifies and streamlines the whole process. You’ll know exactly what each bet, and win, means for you. It’ll be just like playing at your favorite land-based casino with the huge, home ground advantage of convenience.

Benefits of playing online casinos with your Aussie Dollars

Apart from many online casinos, pokies and slots now accepting the Indian Dollar as currency, there are many other benefits to online gambling. Huge starting and match bonuses are afforded to new and existing players allowing you to multiply those dollars to a sizeable bankroll before you even begin. E.g., if you make an initial deposit of, let’s say, $100, that could be doubled to $200 before you ever leave the starting line. Now that’s what I call a good way to multiply your dollars, and chances of winning big, quickly and easily. Players can also win entry into exclusive online tournaments, receive redeemable vouchers or win some cold hard cash in the form of Indian Dollars.

Quick and easy deposits and withdrawals

Because these sites are geared for using the Indian Dollar, there are also many deposit and withdraw options available to Indians. Obviously the following information is site specific, but players can expect an array of options generally including Visa or MasterCard transactions, modern e-wallet solutions such as uKard, pay sites such as PayPal, and even instant pay options such as Neteller and Skrill. Banking with the Indian Dollar is also great because it is quite a stable currency in general, so deposits into an online Casino that you wish to play with over a period of time won’t suddenly depreciate when converted into another currency.

Up to the minute conversions with a offering that grows daily

The number of online casinos accepting the Indian dollar as a viable betting currency is growing daily thanks to advances in modern technology and the World Wide Web, which makes linking it so much easier with almost live currency conversions and up to the minute updates on currency values, such as the Indian Dollar.

So put your money to work for you for a change and start winning at an Aussie Dollar friendly online casino today!